Introducing Valor Academy of Ohio

Valor is founded by trailblazers with nearly two decades of experience in charter school leadership. Because we provide a superior education environment, our students receive unparalleled personalized support, coursework and flexibility.

What sets Valor Academy of Ohio apart

Small class sizes. Teacher-student ratio does not exceed 1:25

Digital curriculum designed to engage students

Personalized instruction from highly qualified teachers

Valor’s Academy of Ohio is ideal for students who:

  • Want a tuition-free, innovative education with more personalized support
  • Benefit from a small class setting where they can openly participate in group learning and discussions

Enrolling Now For Fall 2020


1330 Atcheson Street
Columbus, Ohio 43203

With highly qualified instructors focusing on individual needs, every Valor student has the opportunity to graduate college and career ready, regardless of his or her academic background or learning needs.

If you’re interested in Valor Academy, head here.